Beauty in all she is

These two are killing me, liking each other’s posts. 

These two are killing me, liking each other’s posts. 

What's the p.o box for Charles? And does he still use it?

Check the FAQ! He closed it! 

Hey Hey Hey!

Hiya guys! 

I’m extremely sorry for not posting anything at all during this last week, had some family issues to attend, but everything is fine now! So expect more posts! :)


Doesn't it feel odd how Alli hasn't said anything about the divorce? Charles did , so Alli should too. We never got a goodbye from her...

Why does Alli have to make a video? Why can’t she be reserved for once?  She doesn’t have to give an explanation or a goodbye of some sort. 

they closed the PO box because of warped tour that was coming up because no one would be there to check the box

Alrighty! Thanks for filling me in! :)


SIGNED BEATLES ALBUM! (4.10.14 - Day 1806)

They did close the PO Box, unfortunately

Oh hell! I sure did miss that announcement! Sorry everybody :S

Thanks for letting me know :)

would you give charles your URL if he asked?

Sure, why not, he’s the one who created the ctfxc.